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Thanks for dropping by the Zola Technology Blog!

The goal for our blog is pretty straightforward. We want to engage with all of you. In doing so, we hope to share some of the:

  • technology being used here at Zola. We’ll talk a bit about our architecture, some of our design decisions; our stack;…


The sad #beautifuldeath of the King in the North

Thanks to Sam for sharing this link with me - “Confused by REM and EM?”


The French Bull mugs came in from @zolaregistry and they’re awesome!

Owners of Xbox One consoles - rejoice. The February update has begun rolling out to the masses according to Major Nelson (http://majornelson.com/2014/02/14/xbox-one-february-update-is-now-starting-to-roll-out/). I just got my update tonight as I woke up the One so I could watch Season 2 of House of Cards on Netflix. All this good stuff followed by Titanfall next month sums up to an awesome time to be an Xbox One owners


Here is a picture from our MMS showing how we’ve reduced hits to our MongoDB cluster by using cached clients for services in pages with high amounts of traffic!

The pattern is pretty cool because it moves the cache out from our web app written in the Play Framework to the service client, which means that the web app doesn’t have any of the code for handling refreshes or the lifecycle of the cache! Clean code FTW!


Last month Gilt Co-Founder/CTO Michael Bryzek was the featured speaker at the monthly fireside chat organized by Startup Grind NYC, the local chapter of the global Startup Grind community for entrepreneurs. “A full house for sure, but this was definitely our first event where fashion…


NYC Tech Talks is one of New York City’s top meetup groups for technologists who write and test code or work with servers, so we’re very excited to be hosting their next meetup on Tuesday, Jan. 14. Even more exciting for us is that our very own Yoni Goldberg will be the featured…

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I’m resurrecting something I used to do on Krunker.com - a list of interesting links for a given day. This time instead of focusing on gadgets, I’m going to expand it to things related to startups, entrepreneurism, and tech (in no particular order). Here goes nothing!